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Mihintale 3- Mahaseya Dagoba






 I spent the longest time in this Dagoba, going around it. Actually, a strange feeling akin to dejavu came over me when I visited the place.  There was strong wind blowing since the Dagoba is located on the peak.


 There is a little monastery located next to the Dagoba. When I went in, an old monk actually put out the book and ask for donation. Hmmm….. monks are not supposed to solicit donation in any form according to the Vinaya (code of conduct). Furthermore, it’s sad- the place is so badly maintained.


 Above, lies the statue of the Buddha as he was about to pass away.


 And on the side, it is Venerable Ananda, Buddha’s chief attendant monk. As he watched his teacher passing away to parinibbana, his heart was breaking as one hand was on his heart.  At that time, I could almost feel his pain and felt tears well up in my eyes.  Holy places usually invoke this type of emotion. Perhaps, I was once a Sri Lankan in my previous births.


A closer view of the photo. It’s sad that no one took the time to clean up the place- instead, all they do is to ask for donation.

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