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Sirigiya Village Hotel

When I was in Sirigiya, I stayed at the Sirigiya Village hotel. After a tired day of travelling at Polonnaruwa and Sirigiya, the hotel was a welcoming sight.  It is really 5 star as it is like a mini house by itself.


 When I entered the room, there were even the “Welcome” sign as you see below. During the time I went, the room occupancy was so low because of the war. But at least this hotel have more foreigners compared to other hotels.

Food were laid up buffet style and in the morning when you get up, it is quite pleasant to scroll around. Usually the driver will drop you before it gets dark- so if you are like me travelling alone, you would basically spend the night hole up in the room. There were lots of TV channels to watch from.

Because that time I was afraid of being alone in hotel rooms, I actually left the TV and lights on the whole night.

Waiter service was very good. That time when I was travelling, I was a vegetarian- I had no problem getting vegetarian food- usually the tour guide company will inform the hotel in advance so there would be more vegetarian dishes.

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