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Climbing Sirigiya is not for the fainthearted

 As you begin the long climb to the peak of Sirigiya, it will start with relatively friendly stairs:




 As it goes further, it gets more steep. 


 The man in the picture above is the guide that is introduced to me by my driver. Now, this guide is quite a kind man- he wore nice top but only had slippers- and he climbed the stairs effortlessly. He explained about Sirigiya to me and held my hand at areas which I was afraid.  At the cave painting, because I did not have the guts to climb up the cave, he went up and took pictures for me.

He has a daughter who is very sick. And he was coughing as well. I gave him Robutoson- which I find can be quite effective and a good tip. Many tour guides are very poor. I do hope with the end of the war, more tourist would go and visit the place.


 Back to the climb- well, I did not take pictures at the scariest places because I was so afraid- and yet I challenged myself to climb.


 You know what, I was too afraid to go down from where I came up- and the guide spoke to some staff to let me follow the staff route- not that steep down. Makes me recall about my experience in Angkor Wat- after braving myself to climb down the stairs, I was too scared to go down- at the end, one of the workers came and held my hands and brought me down on a less scarry route.  Else, I would definitely be putting the night there.


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