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Palm Garden Village Hotel at Anuradhapura

 On the day I arrive at Colombo, Sri Lanka, the driver picked me up and we travelled over 200km to Anuradhapura. On that day, I did not manage to visit any place but got to see the life along the roads that we passed by. We were stopped a few times by the army then because it was war time. Thinking back, I really wondered how I had the courage to go alone.

Anyway, we arrive at Palm Garden Village Hotel at Anuradhapura, passing the main army camp.


 The rooms are housed in little semi-D bungalows, as you see at the picture below:


 The occupancy rate that time was so low- there was another Caucasian lady travelling alone by herself in the room next to mine.


The above is my room. It’s much bigger than it looks. In the morning I got up early (because I could not sleep because I was scared)- I got up and walk around before going for breakfast. After breakfast, the driver came and took me around Anuradhapura.

I stayed in this hotel for 2 nights.

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