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The Magnificient Avukana Buddha in Sri Lanka

The Avukana Buddha statue is a huge statue carved out of solid rock. The statue stands at about 12metres tall.

The raised right hand signify fearlessness. It is built in the reign of King Dhatusena (459-77 AD).


There is a small lotus flower carved between the Buddha’s feet. When it rains, the water drops from the Buddha’s nose right to the center of the flower.


This is one of my favourite place. The abbot of the monastery utilize the funds from the entrance fee to hold classes during weekends for the village children. If you come on a Sunday, every corner in the monastery area will be filled with children attending classes. Without this, the children will be forced to travel to the neigbouring village for classes. If you do visit here, please consider contributing some donations for the temple to help substain the cost of funding the children (the surrounding villages are poor as this is a rural area).




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  • Nanda April 1, 2012, 8:14 pm

    I went there thinking I should donate a good sum of money. But the monk chased us away with harsh words because I was dressed in a short.
    This monk is not as good as you think. He si not Buddhist. I went there without knowing ther is a temple even. Why use harsh words rather than kindly tell us ?

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