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Jethawanarama Dagoba


A strange feeling of dejavu actually overcame me as I stepped out from the van. While the driver waited for me, I walked around this magnificient Dagoba.


I still remember- as I got down from the van, the area was so welcoming and windy- in fact, in most places I visited, it was extra windy.  It sounds strange, but I had a feeling that I was being welcomed, and that once, a long long time ago, I was here before.  I took off my shoes and walk on the hot afternoon bricks- I went around clockwise 3 rounds. Strangely, my feet could take the heat (it is an act of respect to walk on holy places barefoot).



Largest brick built dagoba in the world. King Mahasena (AD 275 – 92) began building this Dagoba. It has a diameter of more than 100 metres.

Unesco is helping with restoration works.




A more detailed picture of the carvings.

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