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Abhayagiriya Dagoba


Designated as one of the World Heritage site, Unesco have allocated funds for restoration works of this Dagoba. Sri Lankas from all walks of life, men and women climbed barefoot under the hot sun on the Dagoba, passing bricks from one another to help to restore the site. The dedication and hardwork these people put in really touches my heart.

Originally built in 88BC by Vattagamani.

Original measurement: 400m in circumfrance and 110 m high.

Current height: 110m because a part of its pinicle had disappeared. It was built to give shelter to Mahayana monks and was once an important center of Buddhist learning. Chinese traveller and monk, Fa Hien wrote in the 5th century that there was 5000 monks residing there. There was a 7 m Jade Buddha sparkled with gems and the dagoba (chedi) was built on top of the Buddha’s footprint.

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