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Sri Maha Bodhi

The Bodhi tree is located in Anuradhapura in Sri Lanka.


From the parking, you need to walk some distance to reach the entrance. Security is quite tight (to keep everyone safe) and you will need to go through bag and body search (see the blue shed on both sides? One for the guys and another for the ladies.




A stone wall is being built around the tree.


Visitors are only able to view the top part of the tree. The Bodhi tree is taken from a sampling of the actual Bodhi tree where the Buddha had sat and attained enlightenment.


It is brought to Sri Lanka by the daughter of King Asoka, Princess Sanghamitta around 236 BC.

The tree is more than 2000 years old. Many Buddhist from all over the world visit this place, a number of Sri Lankas will sit by the tree reciting the Bodhi puja. Even though there are always crowds, the environment is very peaceful.


There is a temple located next to the Bodhi tree but I did not manage to take photo of the temple.

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