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From Colombo to Anuradhapura

I was picked up from the Colombo airport by the driver with the van. From Colombo, we travelled over 200km to reach Anuradhapura. The plan was for me to visit Anuradhapura, then make a few stopovers on the way back to Colombo.


The above photo was taken- from the back of the van. The typical streets of Colombo looked like the picture above.


When you look up, you can sometimes see Buddha statues built up the hill.


We have left Colombo town and is leading north towards Anuradhapura. Mountains and forests can be seen on both sides of the road, with small villages in between.


This is a place where I stopped over to have my lunch. In front is a restaurant, then I was able to go towards the back to have my meal. It was quite windy. I was a vegetarian when I visited Sri Lanka so the tour company arranged for the restaurant to prepare vegetarian meals for me. I remembered they served about 7 or 8 dishes. And it was really windy sitting near the lake.


After lunch, we headed northwards again. Passing another mountain, you can see Buddha statue there- this is a different location from the other picture.



There are lots of huge man-made lakes built by past kings to provide water for plantation.

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